US Expat Tax Professional




US Expat Tax Professional in Australia


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Get help with:

  • Expat Individual taxes 

    • Filing Requirements
    • Form 1040
    • Standard Deduction
    • Non-Resident Alien (NRA) Spouse
    • Foreign Tax Credit (FTC)
    • Filing Status
    • Personal Exemption
    • Exemption for NRA Spouse
    • Rental Property including Depreciation – Schedule C
    • Self-Employment – Schedule E
    • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE)
    • FBAR
    • FATCA
    • Super

Expat taxes are complex and sometimes confusing.  Catherine is a US tax professional who lives and works in Australia.  She is experienced in converting from Australia’s Fiscal year to the US calendar year in calculating your US taxes. 

Catherine became a tax preparer in the year the  US tax code was simplified.  She worked several years as a tax professional for a national company.  Since becoming self-employed, she has helped many to get the best results when filing taxes with the Internal Revenue Service.