IRS individual E-File opens January 23, 2023 (24th in Australia).  This includes PRIOR year individual tax returns (2021 and 2020).  Not all Federal forms have been made final – including many of the “foreign” forms needed by US Persons living in Australia.  Including Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (Form 2555) and Foreign Tax Credit (Form 1116).  As of today (18 January, 2023) the IRS has not published the yearly average exchange rate.  So far none of this is unusual.

With the looming Debt Ceiling Crisis – Next Thursday (26 Jan, 2023) US Government will have reached the limit of it’s borrowing capabilities)  – which could put a crimp in the orderly processing of tax returns, and other US Federal government roles.

IRS filing deadline:  April 18, 2023  For US Citizens living abroad:  June 15, 2023   Extension Deadline:  October 18, 2023

Reminder, IRS does provide refunds for tax returns 3 years or older.  Therefore 2019 Refunds expire 15 April, 2023

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