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Hi Catherine,
 Thank you for doing our tax return! We appreciate your help and service!
Kind Regards
Tim B.

Great Service

“As an Australian selling books on Amazon I had to have a US tax identity and pay US taxes. Catherine assisted me to meet my tax return obligations to the IRS in the USA. Catherine made the process easy.”

It’s been years since I have filed taxes with the IRS.  As I’m self employed, I was concerned about self employment tax to the IRS.  Catherine explained treaty rules that apply to self employed living in Australia and I was clear.  She then went on to complete 4 years of back taxes for me.  I have been really pleased to find checks arriving in my mailbox here in Australia from the US Government.  Thanks Catherine!

Catherine did a great job doing 2 years of Federal taxes and 1 year of State taxes for me.  I was amazed by the size of my refund checks!

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